Corsica is for sure one of the most amazing places in the West Mediterraneus thanks to its still wild “Caribbean” bays and small ancient cities. Places that must be seen at least once in a life are:


The entrance in the port of Bonifacio is something very special. Enjoying the cliffs surrounding the port from the nets of the XCAPE is truly breathtaking. Bonifacio offers a number of restaurants close the marina covering all the tastes and food desires. Walking to the top of Bonifacio you should discover an ancient and well maintained fortification with a lot of restaurants and shops.


Lavezzi will remain in your hearth forever. It is an unhabited small islands surrounded by levigated stones. Spend at least one night in Lavezzi and be the first to dive in the morning will synchronize you back with the nature. During the night you should hear the Berta, a birth that generate a sound like a crying baby and during the day you will see the fly of an amazing number of GABBIANI or the numerous specie of seagull, most characteristic is the GIANT GROUPER


From a morphological point of view very similar to Lavezzi, but with the mistery of a private islands, where you should admire magnificent villas held by the most influent persons in the world. An exclusive place in the wild nature.


It is one of the most important ports in Corsica. Once docked it should be possible to have a dinner in one of the numerous restaurants and spend a long night on the modern bar and pubs.


Imagine a tongue of sand that divide two immense swimming pools and that connect Isola Piana to Corsica. It is truly amazing to swim side by side, but be careful to the typical strong current that characterize this place


A 1km beach half-moon-shaped well protected by the spectacular mountains Aiguilles de Bavella.  Just behind the beach there is a nice laguna where the villas of San Cipriano are built.


A long and spacious beach, together with low-deep water, Santa Giulia is ideal for families with children that can go and play on the beach while adults can enjoy a pizza on the beach.


At Santa Manza you will submerge in the nature and you will feel like Robinson Crusoe.  Thanks to the 1.3mt draft of X-CAPE you should stay close to the pristine beach of Santa Manza, like in a villa pied dans l’eau.